viNGN Taps Choice Wireless Broadband Sales Executive to Lead Sales Efforts

Press Release

April 29, 2012

The Virgin Islands Next Generation Network has named broadband sales veteran Kevin Hughes, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for viNGN. Hughes, the former Business Sales Director for Choice Wireless, is a telecommunications and sales executive with over 20 years of sales and broadband industry experience. At Choice, in addition to heading up the company’s business sales and customer care divisions, he also handled the company’s marketing efforts for many years, and served as the company’s voice and pitchman within the media, and at sponsored events.

Lawrence J. Kupfer, viNGN’s President & Chief Executive Officer announced that he is extremely pleased to have Kevin join viNGN. “Kevin will bring energy, knowledge and dedication to our sales and marketing efforts which will significantly and positively impact viNGN’s bottom line.”

“I look forward to the opportunity to serve in this key capacity”, Hughes said. “The Virgin Islands as a whole will benefit immensely from viNGN, and the broadband that we will make available to the Territory through the construction and development of the middle mile network currently underway. Together in partnership with the Territory’s ISP’s, we will be able to significantly raise the level of bandwidth available to both the business and private sectors, while also facilitating new business growth and opportunities for the V.I.,” Hughes said.

Prior to his tenure at Choice, Hughes served as the Assistant General Manager/Director of Sales for TV2/Innovative, where he was also recognized for his sales acumen aggressively transforming the company’s previous revenue model, and bringing on board key national and local advertising accounts and sponsorships. Prior to Innovative, Hughes worked in the sales departments of several major national cable television networks including A&E, NBC, and MTV Networks.

“Having faster and more reliable bandwidth available to us within the V.I. will completely transform our overall quality of life here in the Territory,” Hughes said. “I feel that I can contribute much to viNGN and will successfully join with our C.E.O., the Executive Board, and other team members, in successfully executing this project to the benefit of the U.S. Virgin Islands.”

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