Sign Up for Digital Literacy Course – Deadline: June 30, 2013

Press release – Digital Literacy Course

February 1, 2013

viNGN announces that the CyberLearning “Digital Literacy Course”, previously only available at local Public Computer Centers (PCCs) throughout the territory, is now fully accessible ONLINE, effective today, Friday, February, 1, 2013. The on-line component will now allow residents of the U.S. Virgin Islands and beyond, to access the introductory data and IT training course from the comfort of their homes, businesses, or smartphones. The deadline to take advantage of this FREE opportunity is June 30, 2013.

Following the completion of the “Digital Literacy Course”, users will be awarded a Certificate of Completion and will also gain access to over 5000+ certification preparation classes.

To sign up for viNGN’s “Digital Literacy Course” on-line, new users should:

  • Visit
  • Click the “Create new account” button on the bottom right.
  • Fill in the requested details such as username, password, email address, etc. PCC Users: Select your PCC location;
  • Non-PCC Users: select “STT – viNGN” or “STX – viNGN”; Students: Please ensure that you’ve checked the “Student” checkbox.
  • Once completed, click the “create my new account” button.
  • An email will immediately be sent to your email address. Review the email, and click on the web link to confirm your account. Your account will be confirmed and you will be logged in.
  • Select Course: “US Virgin Islands Digital Literacy Course”.
  • Enter “enrollment key”- Non-PCC Users: vingn; PCC Users: Use enrollment code provided by your instructor.
  • Note: Please allow up to 24 hours for your account to be activated.

Deadline to take advantage of this FREE opportunity is June 30, 2013!

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