Sen. Janette Millin Young urges use of PCCs

Download the Press Release (PDF file)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   Date: July 11, 2013
Contact: Ervin Dorsett, Jr.
Voice: 340-693-3608 | Fax: 340-693-3633

Senator Millin Young Urges Greater Use of viNGN Public Computer Sites Throughout the Territory

The public’s use of V.I. Next Generation Network Public Computer Centers is beginning to grow, according to Senator Janette Millin Young. Millin Young, who heads the Senate’s Committee on Economic Development, Agriculture and Planning, visited some of the PCCs on St. Thomas Thursday, along with viNGN President and CEO Larry Kupfer. She said she wanted to see, first hand, the progress viNGN is making and how it will impact business and employment in the territory.

“Mr. Kupfer said that many of the jobs being offered by the network’s partners such as that require job candidates have some technical background are not being filled because many of the job applicants do not have this training,” Millin Young said. “However, among the reasons the territory is investing in these technological improvements is for our residents to have more job opportunities available to them. That is why I am urging our residents to take advantage of this free resource.”

The senator said that she has embarked on assisting to promote the public computer centers as a way to encourage residents to not only learn how to use the computer and office programs, but also to search and apply for jobs.

“I often meet persons who tell me that they need a job, but lack the skills,” Millin Young said. “Here is a free opportunity to learn computer skills, with a very real potential of being hired for a job. Therefore, I’m urging Virgin Islanders to pass the word around to take advantage of these public computer centers.”

Two of the centers Millin Young and Kupfer visited Thursday were the Long Path/Garden Street Community Center and the Charles Wesley Turnbull Regional Library in Tutu. Each of the centers had a compliment of users ranging from elementary school children to job seekers and senior citizens. The time you can spend using the computer is an hour – more if there are no other persons waiting.

A complete list of public computer centers can be found by logging on to or calling viNGN at 340-715-8581.


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