Free SAT preparatory courses to U.S. Virgin Islands students

Note: The deadline to sign up for Cyberlearning Digital Literacy (basic computer training) has passed.
vingn-official-web logoU.S. Virgin Islands students, you automatically qualify for free Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) prep courses when you take the free, basic Digital Literacy course and pass the Master Exam. You will then receive a certificate, and access to sign up for a free SAT preparation package.

Included in the SAT Preparation Package

11 courses included in this package is the online version of Barrons How to Prepare for the new SAT book. The package includes countdown to SAT, format of SAT, Winning tactics, Diagnostic SAT, Verbal, Math, Writing, 6 Model Tests and Organizing your Admissions Game Plan.

Start with the basic Digital Literacy course, pass the Master Test, and you will be able to access over 5,000 advanced online IT, business and computer classes (including SAT prep) – free only to U.S. Virgin Islands residents!

GETTING STARTED is simple. Visit the “How-To” page to get more information and apply today.

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Presented by viNGN in partnership with CyberLearning, Inc. and the National Education Foundation (NEF)

3 responses to “Free SAT preparatory courses to U.S. Virgin Islands students

  1. These courses are very informative,helpful, Thank You!


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