GED test to move online in 2014, adjusted to keep pace with changing standards

WGBH NEWS: Takers of the General Equivalency Diploma (GED) are rushing to complete their entries by the end of this year in order to avoid changes that take effect in 2014 – changes which would wipe out any previous efforts of those who never completed the full battery of tests.

GED logoOne of the most important changes coming as of January 2, 2014 to the GED test, is that it must be accessed via computer. This will mean that those who would like to receive their High School Equivalency Diplomas will also have to have access to a computer, a high-speed internet connection, AND some degree of basic digital literacy.

The Virgin Islands Next Generation Network, Inc. (viNGN), through its Public Computer Centers program, provides free access to computers and the internet in libraries and community centers. In addition, the Cyberlearning Basic Digital Literacy Course is still free to U.S. Virgin Islands residents and covers three major areas:

Computing Basics – How computers work plus finding solutions to common issues
Living Online – Making the most of the internet, using email, research and more
Key Applications – Learn about software programs for productivity and communications

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