Free U.S. Virgin Islands Basic Digital Literacy Training once again available

NOTE: The period for registration for this course is now passed. viNGN recommends signing up for the FREE Khan Academy or access more information on Digital Learning Day resources on this blog.

nefcyberlearning logoviNGN Digital Literacy Training once again available!  The final extension for this program has been granted; this course will be available for registration free to USVI residents through September 30, 2014.


viNGN in partnership with the National Education Foundation & Cyberlearning, is offering a FREE Digital Literacy training course available online. Individuals who complete the course will not only have a better-developed computer skillset, but will also receive benefits such as a certificate of completion backed by the State University of New York at Potsdam, as well as free access to high-quality IT & Business skills courses available online.  USVI public middle and high school students are now able to apply the course towards graduation credit.

Upon completing the Digital Literacy course, USVI residents will have free access to CyberLearning’s catalog of higher-tier IT, Business and Management courses. Each ADVANCED course package provides a full year of access.

Don’t delay – get started and sign up for FREE training today!

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