viNGN up for 7 “Best of VI” awards

Support viNGN in the Virgin Islands Daily News “Best of VI 2014”

The Best of the V.I. 2014 Voters Guide published by The Virgin Islands Daily News is available now for voting and viNGN is in 7 categories this year! In the past we took top honors for “Best After School Tutorial” on St. Croix, and “Best E-Commerce Training/Computer Training” on St. Croix. We are so grateful to our patrons for their confidence and their votes!

VI Daily News Best of VI logo bannerThe deadline to submit all votes is January 30, by 4 pm.  You may vote via Facebook, Twitter, Text, QR Code Scanning, or the booklet.

>>>LINK: You can also vote  on The Virgin Islands Daily News website.

This website will take you to all viNGN categories that are listed in the Voters guide.   If you have not yet set up your free account, please do so.

Log in, then vote.

Below are the nominated categories, pages and Text/Twitter codes to make it easier for you to vote!

Adult Continuing Education p. 10
STX Text/Twitter:  204203
STT Text/Twitter:  404205

After School Tutorial p. 10
STX Text/Twitter:  204402
STT Text/Twitter:  404409

Education – p. 10
STX Text/Twitter:  204902
STT Text/Twitter:  404906

Semi-Autonomous Agency – p. 33
STX Text/Twitter:  219706
STT Text/Twitter:  419716

High-Speed Internet Provider – p. 44
STX Text/Twitter:  228205
STJ Text/Twitter:   328210
STT Text/Twitter:   428215

Online Education p. 45
STX Text/Twitter:  228902
STJ Text/Twitter:   328904
STT Text/Twitter:  428906

E-Commerce Training/Computer Training p. 66
STX Text/Twitter:  250702
STT Text/Twitter:   450706

To use text messaging voting, dial 813-701-2684:
–    In the body of the message type BOVI
–    Then enter a space
–    Then enter the six-digit code for the corresponding category and island

*** Only one vote per category will be counted from each person’s cell number***

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