Dr. Mark Dean, African-American forefather of the Personal Computer (PC)



As African American History Month draws to a close, the Virgin Islands Next Generation Network, Inc. (viNGN) recognizes that the contributions of people of African descent can inspire year ’round acknowledgement of countless innovations, inventions, concepts, and artistic expression – and should.

The web site “Famous Black Inventors” (black-inventor.com) highlights the achievements of several Black inventors and adds links to resources for further study and discovery.  viNGN would like to especially acknowledge an unsung forefather of the modern computer, Dr. Mark Dean

Dr. Mark Dean had always had an affinity for mathematics and engineering as a youngster, and went on to obtain a Bachelor’s and Masters in electrical engineering, eventually earning his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford.

He became a member of the IBM team in 1980, and played a prominent role in the creation of the IBM Personal Computer (IBM PC).  Dr. Dean actually holds 3 of IBM’s original nine PC patents. He is the current holder of over 20 patents in all.

Learn more about Dr. Mark Dean at

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