Project Introspection and Virgin Islands History Month Resources

from Project Introspection web site (UVI)

from Project Introspection web site (UVI)

The Virgin Islands Next Generation, Inc. (viNGN) invites the community to celebrate the achievements of U.S. Virgin Islanders during this and every Virgin Islands History Month. Information on prominent Virgin Islanders may be found in local book stores, on the internet, in archives, libraries and museums.

A great first stop is Project Introspection – Profiles of Outstanding Virgin Islanders. Project Introspection is an initiative developed in 1967 through funding from the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Title III. With a stated objective “to coordinate units of work on the Virgin Islands and Caribbean from all available sources had a two-fold objective: 1) to discover and reproduce such material for instruction, and 2) to provide a medium for wide dissemination of this material for the benefit of all Virgin Islands school children and ultimately the entire community.”


Along with Project Introspection, here are a number of other resources which we hope you will find useful throughout the year!

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