Cyberlearning Basic Digital Literacy only the beginning! Take your knowledge even higher!

NOTE: The period for registration for this course is now passed. viNGN recommends signing up for the FREE Khan Academy or access more information on Digital Learning Day resources on this blog.

The Virgin Islands Next Generation Network Inc. (viNGN) recommends that all U.S. Virgin Islanders take and complete the FREE Cyberlearning Basic Digital Literacy course as soon as possible and pass the Master Exam, which entitles users to access CyberLearning’s Total Package of higher-tier IT, Business and Management courses.

This Full Package includes 635 IT, Desktop, and Business Skills courses for you to take at your leisure.

Getting started with the Basic Digital Literacy course will ensure the proper foundation to access the next level of learning.

The Basic Digital Literacy course is a comprehensive introduction to technology in 3 modules:

Computing Basics
What makes up a computer, how computers function, and how you can make a computer do what you want it to. Plus LOTS of tools on how to find solutions to computer problems

Living Online
How to make the most of the Internet. With more and more communication and services taking place online, it’s important to know how to best access these resources, while making sure to keep yourself and your computer safe

Key Applications
Being able to use applications on your computer will allow you to make the most of your device. There are many skills that you can learn that apply to lots of different programs – knowing what to look for will help you figure out how to apply the same skill in a new program.

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