VI Daily News: viNGN meets Public Computer Center goal, seeks higher digital literacy in the USVI

VIRGIN ISLANDS DAILY NEWS:  The Virgin Islands Next Generation, Inc. (viNGN) has met its Public Computer Center (PCC) goal and is pushing for higher levels of digital literacy in the United States Virgin Islands as part of the territory’s participation in the nationwide broadband initiative.

(August 2013, St. Croix USVI) St. Patrick’s Alumni Association, Inc. Learning Center's happy Digital Literacy grads!

FILE PHOTO: (August 2013, St. Croix USVI) St. Patrick’s Alumni Association, Inc. Learning Center’s happy Digital Literacy grads!

At a recent board meeting, viNGN Vice President of Sales and Marketing Kevin Hughes was able to confirm that the required 28 Public Computer Centers (PCCs) are now open to the public. Hughes went on to state that while the federal grant mandate calls for 28 computer centers, viNGN has set a new goal of 31 centers.

PCCs may be managed by local nonprofits and established Community Anchor Institutions (CAIs); viNGN provides equipment through the broadband project, funded federally and with a local match.

Digital literacy education is provided via a partnership with the National Educational Foundation’s Cyberlearning. Thus far, 1,777 people have completed the basic course. Completion of the course earns a certificate backed by the State University of New York at Potsdam, and also entitles the student to take advanced IT and professional courses, including  Java, PHP, HTML, Oracle, CISCO, VMWare, and Microsoft Office applications. Certificates are available for each course segment and the knowledge gained may be used to go on to nationally-recognized certifications without the added cost of study and training. High School students also have access to valuable SAT preparatory courses – all for free to U.S. Virgin Islands residents. The coursework may be initiated and completed at home, at a PCC, or any internet-connected computer.

NOTE: The period for registration for this course is now passed. viNGN recommends signing up for the FREE Khan Academy or access more information on Digital Learning Day resources on this blog.

READ THE ARTICLE: V.I.’s broadband network nears completion; public computer centers open

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