VI Daily News: V.I. Next Generation Network on track to finish broadband system in 2 weeks

St. John’s Elaine Ione Sprauve Public Computer Center (PCC)

Workstations at the Sprauve Library, St. John USVI

At a recent board meeting of The Virgin Islands Next Generation Network, Inc. (viNGN), President and CEO Lawrence Kupfer reported that of the 318 anchor institutions on the network, 258 are already connected to the network and 111 of those are tested and are ready to go live via an Internet service provider (ISP).

Anchor institutions will tie in directly to the network. Under the federal grant award, anchor tenants include all schools, universities, government offices, community centers, health care centers, some doctors’ offices and public safety and first-responder entities. The St. Croix viNGN office is already enjoying speeds of about 88 megabits per second, “Which is pretty incredible speed,” Kupfer said.

As the infrastructure enhancements begin to benefit our Community Anchor Institutions (CAIs), U.S. Virgin Islands residents continue to take advantage of the free digital literacy online course via Cyberlearning, which may be accessed from any computer, or at a Public Computer Center, of which there are now dozens throughout the territory.

Earning the Cyberlearning certificate entitles students to continue to SAT prep, middle and high school students to earn credits toward graduation, and adults and students have the opportunity to choose from over 5,000 advanced academic, IT and professional courses – all for free.

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