VI Source: Government Internet Costs Dropping Due to viNGN

vingn-official-web logoVI Source:  At a recent senate budget hearing, Bureau of Information Technology (BIT) director indicated that due to the creation of the new, all-fiber optic network by the Virgin Islands Next Generation Network, Inc. (viNGN), the U.S. Virgin Islands government will see tremendous cost savings for internet connectivity.

viNGN is a project funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) to build and operate a world class open access, high speed, all-fiber optic broadband network in the USVI and connect it to the rest of the world.viNGN is NOT an Internet Service Provider (ISP), which delivers this high speed internet to your home, home office, or business. Your ISP would need to lease bandwidth on the viNGN network in order to provide you with a more cost-effective, higher speed, more reliable connection to the internet.

viNGN will also provide the benefit of “peering”: keeping local internet traffic within its dedicated circuit.  More robust infrastructure leads to greater use of cloud-based technologies, and the USVI government has already pushed forward in that direction with the implementation of Microsoft Office 365.

BIT Director Reuben Molloy testified, “BIT will shortly be paying $33 per meg. This represents an 84 percent decrease in our per-meg cost.”

viNGN also has instituted dozens of Public Computer Centers (PCCs) providing free computer and internet access, along with free basic computing and advanced training via Cyberlearning for those who would like to bring themselves up to date with technology.  Over 1,700 U.S. Virgin Islands residents have earned their Digital Literacy Certificates, with many more signing up and studying towards advanced courses which include CISCO, web design, PHP, HTML, Microsoft Office applications, Java, VMWare (virtualization) and even SAT Prep and professional management classes.

Middle and High School students may apply Cyberlearning Digital Literacy certification to their school technology credit requirement.  The deadline to sign up for free Cyberlearning online training is September 30, 2014.


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