VI Source: More ISPs with Cheaper Service Coming, says viNGN

Click the image for more information on why your ISP should partner with viNGN

Click the image for more information on why your ISP should partner with viNGN

(VI Source) The Virgin Islands Next Generation, Inc. (viNGN) President and CEO Lawrence Kupfer has issued a statement on the benefits to consumers on the implementation of the nationwide Broadband Initiative in the United States Virgin Islands, beginning with the savings to be realized by the US Virgin Islands Government’s Bureau of Information Technology (BIT):

“The savings realized by BIT is not an exception but is the norm, so what we are now seeing is what had been envisioned from the beginning of this project, which is access to incredibly high speeds on a much more secure and dependable network for greatly reduced costs…  The overall goal of viNGN is to make high speed Internet access available to our ISP partners at a cost that is reasonable and affordable for all as the major investment in the infrastructure was underwritten by federal funds. The BIT example is this reality and it is very exciting.”

viNGN is a project funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) to build and operate a world class open access, high speed, all-fiber optic broadband network in the USVI and connect it to the rest of the world.viNGN is NOT an Internet Service Provider (ISP), which delivers this high speed internet to your home, home office, or business. Your ISP would need to lease bandwidth on the viNGN network in order to provide you with a more cost-effective, higher speed, more reliable connection to the internet.

viNGN will also provide the benefit of “peering”: keeping local internet traffic within its dedicated circuit.  More robust infrastructure leads to greater use of cloud-based technologies, and the USVI government has already pushed forward in that direction with the implementation of Microsoft Office 365.


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