VI SOURCE: V.I. Next Generation Network CEO Clarifies Misconceptions

VISource-logoVirgin Islands Next Generation Network, Inc. (viNGN) President and CEO Lawrence Kupfer addressed St. Thomas Rotarians on Tuesday, explaining and demystifying the company’s mission and accomplishments.  As an invited guest of Rotary Sunrise, Kupfer addressed a number of topics, including the purpose of the territory’s participation in the nationwide Broadband Initiative;  viNGN’s effect on pricing of broadband services in the U.S. Virgin Islands, availability of free internet and computer access at a number of Public Computer Centers (PCCs),  and the idea that viNGN intends to create a monopoly on the all fiber-optic network. 

Kupfer cited information previously made public about the local government’s cost savings as a result of viNGN’s network build, the focus on the overall goal of the federal Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) and how ISPs partner with viNGN to deliver high speed services to their business clients and customers, the availability of dozens of Public Computer Centers throughout the U.S. Virgin Islands with a variety of hours and features (for example, ADA-compliant software and ease of access). In addition, USVI residents are able to sign up for free basic digital literacy training via Cyberlearning (earning a certificate for passing the Master Exam provides no-cost access to 600+ professional, IT, business and scholastic course materials, including SAT prep for Middle and High School students).

Read the article:  “V.I. Next Generation Network CEO Clarifies Misconceptions” in the V.I. Source

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