2014 Hour of Code exercise based on characters from hit film “Frozen”

logo-codeElsa and Anna, Princesses of Arendelle are set to manifest your programming instructions in this year’s rendition of Code.org‘s Hour of Code during Computer Science Education Week (December 8-14, 2014).  Explore the magic and beauty of ice as you use the Google Blockly – which renders snippets of code into “blocks” that snap together. Anyone can learn to use these units, to understand how programming works.

By manipulating these blocks of code, you are able to issue precise commands to the characters on the screen. During the exercise, you can choose to display the actual code that the blockly represents.  If you have ever used MIT’s Scratch, you are already familiar with this visual type of programming exercise.

During Computer Science Education Week, everyone is invited to spend at least 1 hour getting acquainted with programming and do the Hour of Code. From there, it is possible to go “beyond” with additional exercises, including those offered by the Khan Academy, which now features web site building HTML and CSS code lessons for free, as well as writing programming scripts to develop applications (“apps”), games, dynamic content and more, for the web and standalone devices.

hourofcodefrozenWatch: Run some of the sequences completed by Turnbull Library PCC Site Manager Anita Davis as she took the Hour of Code exercises during the beta testing phase:






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