VI SOURCE: V.I. Next Generation Network Gets Grant Extension to Wrap Up Work

Our "Mock PCC" got lots of action, and signups for Digital Literacy!

Our “Mock PCC” got lots of action, and signups for Digital Literacy!

At a recent Board meeting of the Virgin Islands Next Generation Network (viNGN), President and CEO Lawrence Kupfer announced that a two-month extension has been granted to allow the organization to complete infrastructure construction and testing on behalf of the territory’s participation in the nation-wide broadband initiative.

With the new close-out deadline for the grant set at Jan. 26, 2015, viNGN has the opportunity to complete the integration of over 300 Community Anchor Institutions (CAIs) such as libraries, health facilities, and emergency response teams. Over 30 Public Computer Centers (PCCs) have been outfitted with special software which will create a controlled method of determining usage throughout the islands.

The total number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) slated to utilize the new all-fiber-optic network laid down by viNGN is now 11, with the latest inclusion being Innovative.

Also, VP Sales and Marketing Kevin Hughes announced that U.S. Virgin Islands residents who have completed the Cyberlearning Digital Literacy training program are now eligible to win one of 240 laptops, with a random drawing to take place shortly.

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