President Obama: “Next Generation Networks” key to broadband success

(WHITE HOUSE BLOG): President Barack Obama shares proposed executive actions to enable communities across the U.S. to highlight what can happen when digital communications become a priority. For example, Cedar Falls, Iowa is a town of only about 40,000 people — yet its broadband capacity rivals those of huge cities like Hong Kong and Tokyo – besting the U.S. national average by 100 times. Through increased broadband capacity cities can:

  • Give consumers better broadband options (faster, more economical, more stable connections)
  • Attract new businesses through improvement and/or development of comprehensive infrastructure
  • Increase educational opportunities for students from 2 to 102
  • Provide greater information access and collaboration for professionals and innovators

View more information, including 5 key points of the President’s Cedar Falls Address:

View the President’s Cedar Falls presentation video

The Virgin Islands Next Generation Network, Inc. (viNGN) is currently wrapping up its own participation in the nationwide broadband initiative.

USVI Grants applied for and won include:

State Broadband Data Development (SBDD): This was the first award made to the Territory for the Broadband Program, allowing the territory to be included in the national broadband map which went live in 2011.

Comprehensive Community Infrastructure (CCI): The Virgin Islands’ viNGN project has created a territory-wide middle mile network and connecting community anchor institutions.

Public Computer Centers (PCC): The viNGN Public Computer Centers program provides free access to computers, peripherals, and contemporary software in libraries and community centers. There are dozens of Public Computer Centers now open.

Sustainable Broadband Adoption (SBA): This comprehensive effort intends to provide digital literacy and job skills training, launch a telework program, and conduct a multifaceted outreach campaign to increase broadband subscribership and stimulate job growth in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Find more details on these grants and initiatives, as well as links to digital training resources at:

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