UVI HackAThon draws applause from UVI President Dr. David Hall

The University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) hosted an official Hacker League HackFest event Feb. 6 & 7, 2015 on both St. Croix and St. Thomas campuses, drawing applause from UVI President Dr. David Hall.

uvi-hackfest-2015HackFests the world over serve to encourage developers and Open Source collaborators towards new and exciting software designs and architecture. Many of the greatest ideas and platforms spring from outside the conventional corporate environment, and these events also attract diverse participants with a variety of skill-sets and experience levels. In a message to the University and student body shared on Tumblr by @reppingthevirginislands, Dr. Hall praised the organizers of the UVI HackAThon, as well as taking the time to list the winners:

“I especially want to thank Leon Hughes the owner and founder of NEARiX, a local software development company, for sponsoring this first event, and taking an active role in its implementation. Professors Tim Faley, Marc Boumedine, Glenn Metts, and Wayne Archibald provided the guidance, oversight and supervision that were indispensable to this successful event. The UVI Ideas Club demonstrated that they could organize a trip to the moon if given a chance,” Dr. Hall wrote.

Award-winning Student Teams:

Cup Check – “Best Hack”

A phone application that helps you manage your alcohol intake.

Student team:

  • Sean Benjamin
  • Keturah Bethel
  • Shaquan Lewis
  • Daricia Wilkinson

Plant –O-Gram – “Most Innovative Hack”

A phone application that helps you identify plants and their medicinal benefits

Student Team:

  • Jason Baron
  • Nichole Etienne
  • Denny Smith
  • Leon Wheeler

Outright – “Most Impactful Hack”

A real-time crime reporting and mapping phone application.

Student team:

  • Andy Breton
  • Julisa Marcel
  • Kailen King

A new RTPark company, Nexus Group, will provide an all-expenses paid trip to a software development conference in New York for each member of the winning team. “If we create a canvass upon which our students can paint, we will witness the future masterpieces of the world,” Dr. Hall concluded.

For more information visit uvihackfest.org


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