UVI.edu: University of the Virgin Islands now has award-winning web site

uvi-logo-cr(United States Virgin Islands) – The University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) recently received the Cassie 2014 Lightning Bolt Award for achieving an expeditious cross-platform roll-out of its web site, utilizing the most modern technologies and best practices. The award Cassie takes its name from Cascade Server Content Management System (CMS), developed by Hannon Hill Corporation.

According to its press release, UVI’s site was nominated for two 2014 Cassies – the Lightning Bolt Award and the Best Use of COPE (Create Once, Publish Everywhere) Award. The entries were judged by thousands of Cascade-based webmasters.

12_243_bolt_award-university-of-the-virgin-islandsHannon Hill said in a statement, “UVI migrated its entire 3,000-page site from Sharepoint (its previous content management system) to Cascade Server in four short months. The migration included 10 audience-based gateway landing pages, a homepage, an alternate homepage, a customized responsive Cascade Server calendar, fully responsive design, 600 employee profiles and much more.”

Accessible via computers and an array of devices such as smart phones and tablets, the University of the Virgin Islands’ web site is at www.uvi.edu.


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