VI Next Generation Network seeking volunteers to impact the community

Community members utilize Public Computers at Turnbull Library on St. Thomas

Community members utilize Public Computers at Turnbull Library on St. Thomas

ST THOMAS – The Virgin Islands Next Generation Network has established 33 Public Computer Centers throughout the U.S. Virgin Islands: 14 on St. Croix, 17 on St. Thomas, and 2 on St. John that have created the opportunity for community members to get involved and give back. These Public Computer Centers (PCCs) were created through American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) grant funds, as part of the Broadband Technology Opportunity Program (BTOP).

We at viNGN are prepared to lead us. Every child, adult, family and member of this community’s lives will be transformed because of technology.

Public Computer Centers are powered by the community, and host organizations provide services through the work of dedicated volunteers. At this time, site managers are needed to facilitate as administrators for PCC supervision and occasional technical support. Also, Program instructors are needed in a variety of disciplines, such as:

Technical Trainers with skills in computer programming, software and app development, scripting, computer repair/building, graphics, and database design.

Production and business individuals with skills in Microsoft Office, resume building, employment, business plans, web presence and social media, grant writing, accounting basics, interview basics, and negotiating skills.

Governmental agencies and civic organizers can assist with life experience, financial literacy, internet safety, protecting your identity, accessing health and wellness information, social media tools, lifelong learning, genealogy, family and interpersonal skills.

“The PCCs are hosted by organizations and our libraries, in a variety of neighborhoods. We’d like to congratulate the many groups and volunteers who have maintained programs and activities. While the grant funds provided for the initial setup, the Public Computer Centers were designed to be sustained by and for residents,” stated Anita Davis, viNGN Community Program Manager.

Anyone interested in making a difference and participating in the Virgin Island’s Technological Revolution may find out more on the company’s web site,, and like viNGN’ s Facebook page (viNGNCompany), and contact Anita Davis via email,

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