VI Daily News: Community goes to bat for Frederiksted Boys and Girls Club

Boys and Girls Club St. Croix banner

Boys and Girls Clubs USVI banner

(VI Daily News) Hats off to the local artisans, financial supporters and donors for making the 2015 summer camp at the Frederiksted Boys and Girls Club possible! Thanks to them, the center is able to host 50+ youngsters in engaging activities including the creation of a mural as part of its art projects this summer. 

Executive Director Neil Canton hails the artists, financial donors and providers of in-kind services, as well as the three volunteers who drive the center, Bill Boyton, Linda Garvin, and Elizabeth Keith for its continued success. The Frederiksted Boys and Girls Club, as well as the Christiansted and St. Thomas Boys and Girls Clubs are also all viNGN Public Computer Centers, providing free internet and computer access to communicate, train and create.

Boys and Girls Club Frederiksted computers

Boys and Girls Club Frederiksted computers

We are proud of the volunteers and Site Administrators that power the Public Computer Centers; there are 33 in all, located in our libraries, community centers and churches throughout the territory.

The public computer centers were created through American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grant funds, as part of the Broadband Technology Opportunity Program.

Anyone interested in volunteering at a public computer center may contact Yvonne Fenton at 715-8581 ext. 2239 or

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