A little thoughtfulness goes a long way in relationships

pdp-manOftentimes our partners tell us what it is they are longing for from us, but for whatever reason, we don’t hear them, or we have our minds someplace else and we forget too easily. A little thoughtfulness is something we all need in our lives. It will make your relationship, and your life, a better place to be.

Thoughtfulness doesn’t require anything more than acknowledging something that’s important to the one you love. Perhaps your partner has had a bad day at work. Offer your empathy, say that you are aware of how hard work can be, and let your love know that you appreciate everything he or she does for you and your family. Those few words can help lift anyone out of a potentially uncomfortable emotional spiral. In the same respect, thoughtfulness also means truly hearing what your partner says to you. If your mate opens up to you about something that’s hurting him or her, or causing stress, be sure you’re really listening. Your partner always wants to know that you care about what’s going on. read more

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