The benefits of play

Children create hovercrafts from balloons and CDs in a “makerspace” at Sprauve Public Library PCC

Play is usually associated with childhood—but as adults, we’re never too old to reap its benefits.

In fact play is a necessity for both childhood development and a healthy aging process, according to researcher Cale Magnuson of the University of Illinois.

“When children play, they discover what they are capable of. As adults play, they can continue on this path of discovery, gain multiple health benefits, and simply have fun along the way. Engaging your body and mind is the best prescription to ensure physical and mental health throughout adulthood,” Magnuson says.

Benefits of play:
In addition to adding a little magic to our busy lives filled with work and routine demands, play enriches life—inspiring growth and liveliness. It provides the opportunity for healthy stimulation that we may not obtain through work and other daily tasks.

Play can also be a supportive tool by helping us create new ideas that we can apply to real-life challenges. And it can help reduce the risk of developing mental impairments. read more

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