Friday Funday: Using play to strengthen your relationships

drseusspoppinpicsPlay is something adults don’t do enough of. Between work, relationships and other responsibilities, the seriousness of life often takes over and play gets pushed to the bottom of the barrel. Some may look at play as something just for children, but adults can benefit from it in many of the same ways.

Play can be a source of relaxation and stimulation, but it also helps our mental health. Adult play is a time to set aside work and responsibilities and allow oneself to be social in an unstructured, creative way. The goal is to focus on the experience of having fun, not accomplishing a specific goal.

One benefit to play is that it helps alleviate stress. When engaged in play, our bodies release endorphins, which are our feel-good chemicals. When these chemicals are released, it helps boost our sense of well-being.

Using play to strengthen your relationships

Sharing fun and laughter with your loved ones helps foster compassion, trust and intimacy and can help keep relationships exciting, joyful and resilient. Being playful can help ease tension between romantic partners and enhance connections with our peers, friends and family members. read more

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