Caribbean News Now!: Internet exchange points critical to the Caribbean digital economy, says BVI minister

caribbean-telecom-uCaribbean News Now! — According to Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) vice president Mark Vanterpool, it is imperative that the nations of the Caribbean nations enhance Internet infrastructure in order to make gains in the worldwide e-commerce market.Vanterpool made his remarks at the BVI’s CTU ICT Week opener Sept. 29, 2015.

viNGN held a press event in August to announce the completion of our 100% fully interconnected, all fiber-optic network, giving the USVI the only such completely integrated network within the 56 states and territories of the United States of America. viNGN, a world-class market leading network that we are so proud of, was designed and built by Virgin Islanders just like you!

Mark Vanterpool also serves as the minister for communications and works for the British Virgin Islands. He highlighted the significance of BVI’s local Internet exchange points (IXPs) as critical to the islands’ potential for progress in the global digital economy. According to Vanterpool, these IXPs provide for higher efficiency of operations and greatly reduced cost by allowing networks to interface directly rather than through third parties. He explained that local IXPs reduce costs and increase efficiency by allowing networks to interconnect directly to exchange Internet traffic, rather than having to connect through third-party networks.

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