What is Cultural Intelligence (CQ)?

borntoberealIn honor of Columbus Day, which commemorates the first recorded occurrence of Western contact with the indigenous cultures and peoples of the Americas, and Virgin Islands/Puerto Rican Friendship Day in the Virgin Islands, which commemorates the close cultural ties that exist between the people of the Virgin Islands and the people of Puerto Rico, let’s take a moment to learn a little about how to be mindful with regard to how to relate to people of different cultures, a skill known as “cultural intelligence” (CQ). In this era of globalization, our ability to interact across cultures has become more important than ever so, here’s:

Why You Need Cultural Intelligence (And How To Develop It).
IQ, EQ now CQ? As globalization has rendered the business environment more complex, dynamic, and competitive, the ability to function effectively in different cultural contexts, called Cultural Intelligence (CQ), has never been more important for organizations. read more

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