Wellness Wednesdays: Healthy, balanced relationships

youarenotapackmuleWellness Wednesdays: Healthy, balanced  relationships: 

We all need contact and engagement with other people. Positive relationships with our family, at work and in our community are important for everyday wellness. Meaningful and mutually supportive relationships with people who have our best interests in mind often help us make healthy choices and impact our emotional and physical health. At times we can feel pulled in all directions by the people we love and relate with daily. Developing and maintaining healthy, balanced relationships with our family, partners, children, relatives, friends and co-workers is rewarding, but it can be a challenge too.

Learning how to listen, communicate clearly, give constructive feedback, and practice empathy and compassion nurtures intimate relationships and promotes individual and collective well-being. Everyday wellness means being present, paying attention and working to develop positive relationships at home, work, school and in the community. read more

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