Rotary Club of St. Thomas East hosts Grand Opening of Bovoni Public Computer Center

Rotary Club of St. Thomas East adopts Bovoni Public Computer Center

IMAG2528St. Thomas – Members of Rotary Club of St. Thomas East were a hugging, smiling force for good as they officially welcomed Estate Bovoni residents to the grand opening of the community’s Public Computer Center (PCC) at 2pm on Friday Oct. 30. The center is a joint effort of the Virgin Islands Next Generation Network (viNGN) and the Virgin Islands Housing Authority (VIHA). PCCs provide free computer and internet access and may be used to present programs that allow U.S. Virgin Islands residents of all ages to increase their digital literacy, seek employment, gain new skills, and manage their personal communications and affairs online.Children and adults filled all areas of the Center, which has been serving the neighborhood since Sept. 30; the Rotarians have, over the past several weeks, outfitted the front reading room and homework area with a sturdy and comfortable sofa, shelves, a table and chairs. Books in boxes await placement on shelves at a later date. Those children who had assignments to complete ducked into the Computer Lab to take care of business before rejoining the others for cupcakes, fruit punch, laughter and shenanigans with Flash Cards and parlor games like “Simon Says.”

It all began last summer, when Rotarian Lynn DeLaney answered the viNGN call to for volunteers. An invitation to viNGN to speak at a Rotary Club of St. Thomas East meeting about the importance of digital literacy for the community’s future resulted in a solid plan to adopt and open the long-dormant Estate Bovoni Public Computer Center. The PCC is open Wednesdays and Fridays 2-4:30pm.

Volunteers from the community at large are welcome to assist with computer homework assignments, read to younger children, and aid adults with basic digital literacy, job searches, and resume building. While a certain degree of digital literacy is a given, if you would describe yourself as “a people person” this could be perfect for you. Contact Lynn DeLaney at (817)773-7223 for additional information about volunteer opportunities at the Bovoni PCC.

There are 33 free Public Computer Centers in the United States Virgin Islands; to adopt a PCC or to volunteer or host programs, contact Anita Davis or Yvonne Fenton ( /

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One response to “Rotary Club of St. Thomas East hosts Grand Opening of Bovoni Public Computer Center

  1. I was happy to be a part of this event last Friday afternoon and look forward to doing even more for those children living in that community.


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