Photos: VI Bureau of Internal Revenue intros new Excise Tax portal using PCCs

Photos courtesy Jonathan Tucker, USVI BIR

Photos courtesy Jonathan Tucker, USVI BIR

The USVI Bureau of Internal Revenue is prepared to launch its new Excise Tax Portal web site and provided a preview and walk-through at the Charles W. Turnbull Regional Library, utilizing both its auditorium and the viNGN Public Computer Center on Nov. 3. A similar function is planned for St. Croix Nov. 4 at the Department of Labor PCC at Sion Farm. New features have been added to the Excise Tax Portal, with customer feedback providing many suggestions to improve functionality and ease of use.

Among the improvements are a simpler layout and a sleeker and more aesthetic look to the interface. Intuitive “tooltips” appear throughout the process, guiding the user to provide proper details when filing Form 721 (Excise Tax Form). Using cookies and the U.S. Postal Service database, faster entry of data is now possible. Watermarks that indicate an incomplete form will eliminate confusion and result in less time wasted on incomplete forms. Receiving the clearance stamp is now automated, and a visit to the Excise Tax office is no longer needed. A messaging center (and pop-up reminder) provides progress reports and next steps in order to successfully complete the Excise Tax Form 721. Also, should a document be missing, alerts would be sent through this messaging center.

Through partnerships with viNGN faster uploads are now possible via a more robust, 100Mbps broadband pipeline. This saves taxpayers valuable time in waiting for files to be sent and confirmed received by the Excise Tax office. For those who would like to switch back to the older version of the portal, a link exists in the footer of the web page once logged into the portal. By mid-November, the new Excise Tax Portal will be the primary method of submitting Form 721 and supporting documentation. Coming in 2016, USVI taxpayers will be able to pay their Excise Taxes by credit card online.



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