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Techie Tuesday: Amazon Echo with Yelp search!

This Techie Tuesday, we’re excited about the new Amazon Echo with Yelp search!



Amazon is now integrating Yelp search results into its Echo device. So, if you bug digital assistant Alexa and inquire about the best local restaurants to eat at, she’ll be able to let you know about the Yelp star ratings for particular places you’re considering. And that’s just one aspect that you’ll now be able to query Alexa about.

“You can now ask Echo for info on local businesses and restaurants and Alexa will give you the details—straight from Yelp. To get started, go to Settings in the Alexa App, select your device, and add your address,” reads a post from Amazon.

Other potential questions you can ask include bothering Alexa for nearby restaurants in general, or for restaurants with a specific theme—like, say, if you want Alexa to find you the nearest place you can get Chinese food from. Once Alexa has found a place that you might be interested in dining at, you’ll be able to ask the digital assistant for even more information: the address, phone number, and hours of operation. Pull up the Alexa app, and you’ll even get a link to the restaurant’s Yelp results. read more


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