Wellness Wednesdays: Mindful eating may help control weight

Brown University: Mindfulness may help control weight

theresahoHere’s some interesting news: mindfulness may help with controlling weight, according to research on obesity done at Brown University.

The trick to treating obesity may simply be teaching people how to eat their way to enlightenment, according to the resulting study based on the research that was published in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine.

Researchers from Brown University discovered that an inability to eat mindfully might be at the core of the obesity epidemic. They made this discovery after tracking 394 obese people between the years 1959 and 1974, all the while comparing how earlier experiences impacted the lives of participants as they years passed. Participants were also asked to fill out a 15-item questionnaire that measured for mindfulness, including questions like, “I find it difficult to stay focused on what’s happening in the present,” “I break or spill things because of carelessness, not paying attention, or thinking of something else,” and “I could be experiencing some emotion and not be conscious of it until sometime later.” read more

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