Friday Fun Day: Make work life better by building relationships

Understanding your coworkers and building relationships

pdp-manBuilding relationships with your colleagues is crucial to job satisfaction and career growth. Here’s how to take those first few steps.

You probably spend a lot of time with your colleagues. In fact, most people spend more time with their coworkers than with their families, a report from Globoforce found.

Despite the amount of time you spend with coworkers, you likely only see the side of their personality that they allow you to see. Right or wrong, we evaluate others based on first impressions and surface tension. If we don’t make an effort to know them better, we may end up misjudging the folks around us.

Think about the coworker you don’t understand, have a difficult time working with, or simply don’t like. They may seem rude or unpleasant. But what could be going on behind the scenes? Maybe they have a sick family member, or an important personal relationship is crumbling. Perhaps they’re struggling in their job.

Experiences and circumstances impact who we are, how we interpret the world and, ultimately, how we behave. Though we try to separate our personal and professional lives, we often bring our own perspectives and emotional baggage to the workplace. read more

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