Kimene Hermis Clouden-Jacobs passionate about our Public Computer Centers!

We love to share what’s happening @ our PCCs! On St. Croix, Kimene Hermis Clouden-Jacobs’ computing skills have been a tremendous asset at the VI Housing Authority communities she serves. Here, she provides a glimpse into her life…


Lots to do, but first, a selfie! Kimene Hermis Clouden-Jacobs hard at work at the Virgin Islands Housing Authority

My name is Kimene Hermis Clouden-Jacobs. I am a 26-year-old woman. I was born in the luxurious state of New York. I’ve lived in St. Croix, Virgin Islands for twenty years. During my school age years, I’ve attended the William’s Delight Head Start, Evelyn M. Williams Elementary School, Arthur A. Richards J.R. High School, St. Croix Career and Technical School and St. Croix Educational Complex High School. In the year of 2012, I’ve graduated from the University of the Virgin Islands with a Bachelors of Arts in Communications.

Three years later, I graduated from Capella University with a Masters of Arts in Human Services. I specialized in Social and Community Services and concentrated in Non Profit Leadership. In 2015, I received a Child Development Associate from the Penn Foster Career School. I am a “jack of all trades.” Teaching, Broadcasting and Camera Operation, Pantomime, Chorus, Repairing Computers, Case Management, and Playwriting have always been my fields of interest. In my spare time, I garden, dance, sing karaoke, travel and volunteer with local nonprofit agencies. Some words to describe myself are: humorous, ambitious, trustworthy, caring, fair and strong!

Currently, I am a Community Services Specialist with the Virgin Islands Housing Authority in St. Croix. I make referrals, plan events, make transports, provide Community Service, work with the Resident Councils and much more. I am enjoying every moment with VIHA! Recently, I’ve been working with the viNGN to ensure that Public Computers are functioning entirely with the residents. It has been an exciting experience thus far. Ms. Anita Davis and I are working remotely because she is in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. It is my expectation and desire to see great things happen in our communities!

We are grateful for Kimene Clouden-Jacobs’ able assistance at the Aureo Diaz and Walter IM Hodge Pavilion Public Computer Centers. When working to resolve computer issues it is wonderful to have someone on the other side with a good general knowledge of computing and technology. We are also hoping to encourage more people of all ages with computer skills to volunteer and support the Public Computer Centers in the community centers, churches and public libraries of the U.S. Virgin Islands.  For more information contact Anita Davis at 715-8581 x 2244 or email Volunteers must be 18 years of age.

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