“Webbing Wednesdays” – Turnbull Library hosts Public Computer Center eBook reads


Middle school youngsters visiting the Charles W. Turnbull Regional Library can now participate in a suite of activities geared towards increasing reading and digital literacy. At its core is “Webbing Wednesdays” in the Turnbull Library PCC, which was launched Nov. 18. On Webbing Wednesdays the children read one selection from a designated list of eBooks available with 1 month to complete the chosen work. At the end of the month is a book discussion to exchange ideas and impressions while strengthening comprehension and learning new concepts. On “Fun & Fantastic Fridays” the Webbing Wednesdays group is invited to enjoy a variety of board games and crafts in the Young Adults section, and will occasionally be joined by Mrs. Colon, a community volunteer.

“We give them a list of titles, each with a synopsis, and they get to choose which eBook they would like to read,” said Library Tech and Program Coordinator Stephanie Anderson-Roberts. “The Fun & Fantastic Fridays is the reward and incentive to promote literacy and capture our middle school children. We want to show them that libraries aren’t just ‘boring’ places to read, and do things that get their attention.” Mrs. Anderson-Roberts is joined in her efforts by Blanche Owens, Library Tech and Iman Maynard, Youth Services Librarian.

The week also includes “Mellow Mondays” where the children engage in self-managed activities with guidance such as completing school projects. Mellow Mondays, Webbing Wednesdays and Fun & Fantastic Fridays are held from 2:30pm-4:30pm on their respective days (except holidays), and registration is required to be a part of Webbing Wednesdays. The group size is limited, so interested youth are encouraged to seek out Anderson-Roberts at the Charles W. Turnbull Regional Library during regular hours or call the library at 340-774-0630.

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