Wellness Wednesdays: What is a good relationship?

Respect and emotional support in good relationships:

pdp-womanNothing’s better than a good relationship (although some people might make an argument for chocolate). When you’re in a good relationship, the birds sing and the sun shines — even in the dead of winter. You have love in your heart and a certain bounce in your step. Everything seems more alive and interesting, and you feel hopeful and full of life. Aaah, this is what life is all about.

So what exactly is a good relationship? A good relationship has two major components — it’s healthy for you, and it’s fun. The fun part is usually easy to figure out. But what about the healthy? How do you recognize a healthy relationship when you see one?

Respect and emotional support in good relationships
In a good relationship, both partners respect, esteem, and approve of one another. They feel like their mate is special — and they act like it. They don’t demand that their partner change to be more like them. Rather, they appreciate one another as individuals and respect each other for their differences. They show their support by acting in an emotionally supportive way.

What does that mean? Well, when you’re emotionally supportive, you say things like, “I hope the meeting goes well for you, Honey,” or, “I’m so happy for you that you got that new job!” or, “Don’t pick on your love handles, Sweetie. I like a man who’s bigger than me — you sexy man of substance, you!”

When you show your emotional support for your partner, he feels encouraged, reassured, and appreciated — and you’ll also feel similarly when he acts emotionally supportive toward you. You each validate the other’s feelings, and that feels grreaaaatt!

You can support your partner and his or her right to feel a certain way, even if you wouldn’t feel that way in the same situation. Just like respect, when you’re emotionally supportive to your partner, you allow him or her to be separate and distinct, yet very valued and special.

Honesty, loyalty, intimacy, trust, and friendship
Question: “How can you have a relationship if you don’t have these?” read more

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