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Techie Tuesdays: 10 beautiful and practical gifts


This Techie Tuesday, we’re excited about these ten beautiful but practical tech gifts!

Technology lives with us, on us, and near us. So for some, design is nearly as important as how well it functions.

In the tradition of Dieter Rams, who made Braun products that endure today, designers like Yvés Behar and Philippe Starck are contributing to the digital-based creations that we carry. If you’re holiday shopping for disciples of these digital design gods, there’s a good chance you can find something perfect for them on this list. Considering they’re probably pretty precise about what they like, you’ll be as relieved as they are delighted when they open one of these gifts.

There are tiny tassels that hide their power, a smartwatch that’s much smarter-looking than Apple Watch, and an art piece that lets even Renaissance masterpieces transcend time and get reimagined for the digital era. Prices have a similar range, from the double digits to the quadruple.

1.Bright Idea

Smarter than a smartwatch in a lot of ways, the Notti Smartphone Notification Light lets you put down your phone and enjoy your environment while not missing anything important. The color-changing light syncs with iOS or Android and can provide alerts for calls and a variety of messaging and social media apps, as well as serve as mood lighting or an alarm.

2.Enter the Matrix

Get a different perspective on art with the Matrix LED Screen. Put your favorite artworks on a USB stick, then load it into the Matrix to see it through the filter of Japanese washi paper.

3.In the Round

The most attractive smartwatches are the ones that look most like their analog ancestors. The Moto 360’s modern take on the watch is both elegant and intelligent. It can be customized and isn’t just for Android users—it works with iOS, too.

4.Onward Voyager

The Kindle Voyage does the best thing an ereader can do; it disappears to leave the reader immersed in the words and the worlds on the (e)page. Alex Colon, PCMag’s managing editor of consumer electronics, praised not just its technical specifications but its lovely, thin design as well.

5.On the Level

The Samsung Level Over has other headphones beat as far as looks go. They stand out without being showy and in snow white look superluxe.

6.Center Stage

Give a standing ovation to the Seaboard Grand Stage Keyboard. The unibody silicone design isn’t the only thing that’s innovative on this keyboard. Keyboardists will react to its intuitive touch system that lets musicians express themselves with presses, bends, and slides that go far beyond the traditional tones.

7.Keep Karma and Carry On

Get Wifi wherever you go with Karma. The hotspot turns LTE into Wi-Fi so you can pocket the device and get great service (and unlimited data).

8.Rope You In

Your Lightning cable shouldn’t have to look like everybody else’s Lightning cable. Make yours easy to spot and guaranteed to be coveted with Le Cord. The braided leather design sets you apart and prevents cord shred.

9.Impossible Is Nothing

Those Polaroid cameras of yesteryear seemed bulky in the decade after their prime, but are now the epitome of vintage design. The Impossible Project has brought back the classic Polaroid SX-70 Starter Camera, and it looks better than ever.

10.Fringe Benefits

Dangle a tassel in front of a fashion fan and they’ll find it hard to resist. The perennial style favorite gets a little more than its usual power with the addition of hidden Lightning and USB connectors in the Native Union Power Link Tassel.


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