Mindful Mondays: Let it all go!

IMG_1581(PocketMindfulness.com) – Let it All Go & Have Yourself a Mindful Christmas!

It’s all too easy to let Christmas pass you by without truly enjoying and appreciating its magic. Everything leads up to that one special day, and then, within the blink of an eye, it’s gone, vanished until next year.

All the stressing over shopping, card sending, cooking and what to wear for the Christmas party. And then there’s feeling ill from your seasonal cold and while trying to meet those end of year work deadlines.

Instead of really enjoying Christmas, we end up living outside of the moment, lost in doing the next important thing to prepare for the big day. And then there’s thinking about what the New Year will bring: will the dollar tumble further, will my job be secure, will the kids make their grades, will Grandma make it through another year! (read more)

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