USVI tech career opportunities, volunteerism discussed during Rotaract meeting

Yvonne Fenton, Ken Farrington, and Anita Davis

(January 25, 2016) – Virgin Islands Next Generation Network (viNGN) staff members sat down with Rotary Club of St. Thomas II Rotaract members at their regular meeting on Friday to discuss volunteerism and how youths are now able to pursue their dreams of a career in technology right here in the territory. Rotaract (short for Rotary in Action) clubs spring from parent Rotary clubs and provide young adults 18-30 with opportunities to provide service to the community.

viNGN Community Development Coordinator Yvonne Fenton and Compliance & Property Manager (and Rotaract member) Ken Farrington provided support as Community Program Manager Anita Davis shared and answered questions about Aerospace, IT and Network Management, Telecommunications and Digital Creative career path options through education at the University of the Virgin Islands, local training programs that provide nationally-recognized certifications. Attendees also received information about free online computer training, a computer lab for beginners, and how to become a volunteer and teach courses at our free free public computer centers.

Rotaract Club of St. Thomas II meets twice monthly to exchange ideas, plan activities and projects, and socialize. To join or request help with a community project, contact Rotaract Club of St. Thomas II, or send email to Find them on Facebook: Rotaract Club of St. Thomas II.

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