viNGN Launches second component to “A Better YOU!” Campaign

Students get to see the fiber optic cable that forms the viNGN network at Addelita Cancryn JHS Career Expo – “Tech Careers in the USVI”

ST. THOMAS, USVI., February 1, 2016 – In honor of Black History Month, viNGN has turned its focus towards self-actualization by allowing all Virgin Islanders to understand the individual, economical, and territory wide opportunities available through the nation’s only fully interconnected, 100% Fiber Optic Network found in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

We want everyone to understand and seriously imagine the success that every Virgin Islander can achieve by taking advantage of all the resources viNGN is providing through 33 Public Computer Centers (PCCs), free online training on any internet-ready computer or device, and so much more.

The first component was a callout for volunteers through the campaign, !nspire, an effort to help bring the community together through helping bridge the digital divide. The following component , “!magine” is designed to educate Virgin Islands how viNGN’s Fiber network can create a different life for everyone.

Every U.S. Virgin Islands citizen is a part of this new and exciting chapter in our history: Just think about it – children can now achieve their highest dreams and potential; families will be able to communicate across the miles; our seniors can re-connect with childhood friends and family near and far and manage their personal and financial affairs; those needing a fresh start can re-invent themselves, find careers and start new businesses… technology can and will breathe new life into our islands. And all you have to do is take the first step and just imagine!

For decades, as the rest of the nation leapt forward technologically, the U.S. Virgin Islands, along with the other U.S. territories, was so far behind that the islands were not even on the radar – we were literally ‘less than zero’. Now that the viNGN network is complete, the U.S. Virgin Islands have been placed on the Nationwide Broadband Map, which means that interested industries and investors can see that we are ready for the Technological Revolution.

Our PCCs are being utilized by community, church and government organizations with room to grow. Currently, viNGN is partnering with the Department of Labor to provide support for individuals who need to increase computer skills in order to take the GED. viNGN’s Absolute Beginner Computer Lab is available online and for download to be used by anyone either at home or in a Public Computer Center.

Visit and click on Digital Literacy to get started – or contact viNGN at 340-715-8581 for more information.

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