Mindful Mondays: Is it possible to love all?

lifting-others-up(GreaterGood.Berkeley.edu) – Is It Possible to Love All Humanity?

This Mindful Monday fell on the day after Valentine’s Day. It is also President’s Day. In honor of these two auspicious days, which, if we dig deep enough can lead us to asking questions about love and leadership, we ask the question, “Is It Possible to Love All Humanity?”

Qualities like gender, ethnicity, and nationality tend to define us more than being human. What happens when we try to identify with all of humanity?

When was the last time you thought about the fact that you are a member of the human species?
For most of us, this aspect of our identity is not front and center. More relevant are things like gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, political party, sports team affiliations, and all of our other group memberships, large and small. Not only do we stake our identity and often also our sense of self-worth in these groups, but we tend to be more helpful towards those who belong to them, often at the expense of those who do not. (read more)

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