Inspire! @ Your PCC: Digital Learning Day 2016

IMG_0384The Virgin Islands Next Generation Network, Inc. celebrated Digital Learning Day (February 17, 2016) with an all-day training marathon at the Charles W. Turnbull Regional Library Public Computer Center. All of the mini-courses in 5 sessions (Internet 101, Email 101, Internet Safety 101, Web sites & Blogs, and Social Media) combined to form the “Internet Starter Kit” for personal or business use. Attendees were invited to attend one or as many as desired, and 26 Certificates of Participation were earned.

According to its website (, Digital Learning Day was started in 2012 with the intent of allowing educators to network on ways to increase the use of technology programs in the schools and improve student performance. Rather than eclipsing the teacher, technology would enhance the delivery of information and spark student interest in all subjects: “This grassroots effort blossomed into a massive nationwide celebration as teachers realized that Digital Learning Day is not about technology, it’s about learning.”

Coordinator, curator and viNGN Community Program Manager Anita Davis was thrilled to return to the Charles W. Turnbull Regional Library, where she had been stationed as the PCC Site Manager for 2 years: “I got to see some of my friends who started out on the digital literacy path as absolute beginners – not even knowing how to turn the computer on – now able to follow along, ask good questions and make excellent points for all of the sessions,” she said.

“Kudos to the community volunteers who came out to assist us throughout the day – James Hall, Jevanna Augustine, and Caroline Smart – who also offers help at the Bovoni Community PCC with Rotary Club of St. Thomas East as coordinators. And the staff at the library, remain my co-workers and friends. Everyone was so supportive – extra thanks to Division of Libraries, Archives & Museums IT Systems Manager Chris Douté for his preparatory assist… and current PCC volunteer Nneka Byron who hung in there all day with me!”

Attendee Rosemond Eloi got fired up with the idea of learning more about web design: “Enthused! I am going to build my own web site and blog using the info from the viNGN site – thanks!” Other remarks on the mini-courses included “Classes should be 3 times a month”, “Very beneficial”, “Session was very informative” – and one attendee asked for a step-by-step course on building an actual web site.

“It is clear from these responses, that USVI residents of all ages are more than ready to learn, do and be more,” Davis continued. “We invite members of the community to share and inspire at any of our 33 free Public Computer Centers! ”

For more information on the Internet Starter Kit visit:
To volunteer at a Public Computer Center or offer a course, contact Anita Davis at 340-715-8581 x2244 or email

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