viNGN invited to speak with Cancryn students for InterACT

Joining Ms. Daley (in purple, clockwise): Tamara Robinson (RotarACT), Anita Davis (viNGN), Sinclair Wilkinson and Merle Kiture-Morgan (Rotary Club of STT II), and Ken Farrington (viNGN/RotarACT)

On Thursday we were delighted to share information on technology careers which may be pursued right here in the United States Virgin Islands with Ms. Daley’s students at Addelita Cancryn Jr. High School as part of InterACT, a club for youngsters from 12-18 who are interested in making life better for their communities, country, and the world.

We were honored to have been joined by the President of Rotary Club of St. Thomas II Merle Kiture Morgan and Sinclair Wilkinson, Director and Co-Chair New Generation, and RotarACT’s Tamara Robinson, who is both International Service Director and Community Service Director.

Sponsored by RotarACT of Rotary Club of St. Thomas II, this presentation covered space technology, network administration, development, and support tracks that are possible through the University of the Virgin Islands and already-established, local certification programs. We also touched heavily on free online training in everything from web and app development, to aerospace careers.

We discussed Internet security and privacy, which are so important as we begin to capitalize on the territory’s new 100% all fiber-optic network. More data moving all around the world at speeds faster than ever before, mean that more care must be taken with our personal and business data. Finally, we encouraged everyone to spread the word and consider volunteering to assist or teach a class at any of the 33 free Public Computer Centers (PCCs) throughout the territory. To become a volunteer or teach a free course at a PCC, contact Anita Davis at viNGN – (340) 715-8581 x2244 or email

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