Like Raspberry Pi? You’ll love the Kano Computer Kit!

Kano-computer-kit( – If you think Raspberry Pi is something on a dessert menu, you’re not alone. The affordable micro-computers have been around since 2008, and even some who have known about Raspberry Pi, have left them to the more tech-savvy because of their bare-bones presentation. Enter the Kano Computer Kit!

Time has been kind to the Raspberry Pi. With the proliferation of affordable mobile technologies and input from principals of Norcott Technologies, and BBC Micro game Elite, the Raspberry Pi Model B has begun to cross over and become a useful tool for introducing youngsters to the world of programming.

We were recently introduced to the Kano Computer Kit (via and were immediately charmed! Designed for children 6 and up, the set contains the “brain” (a Raspberry Pi Model B) with all of the necessary extras: memory, keyboard, wifi attachment, and speaker. It may be connected to a monitor, TV (or Kano screen, not included). Storybooks lead children through the creation of apps and games and provide a fun introduction to programming. The Kano Computer Kit is infinitely use-able and a great “out-of-the-box” solution for parents and educator!

Schools and IT Managers can register with to take advantage of alerts, special offers and incentives, and there are plenty of resources to help with fun projects and maker spaces as well.


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