How to get Kim Komando’s 10 tech skills that are worth listing on your resume

( – Here’s to “A Better You!” Computing industry pro, web entrepreneur and syndicated radio host of The Kim Komando Show Kim Komando offers ways to not only beef up your resume, but provides suggestions on developing 10 tech skills that matter in today’s marketplace! We have curated a series of courses that are either free or very affordable to get you started!


2. WEB DEVELOPMENT – Try the free web dev tutorials at Webmonkey

3. SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (SMMS) – Try Podium/Hootsuite Academy

4. MOBILE DEVELOPMENT – Try Code Studio’s AppLab at

5. CODING – Try CodeAcademy

6. HTML/CSS – Try HTML 5/CSS at Khan Academy

7. SQL – Try PHP/MySQL at

8. CYBERSECURITY – Try Fundamentals of Network Security at

9. TECHNICAL WRITING – Try Business Writing at UVI CELL

10. EMERGING TECHNOLOGY – Try Technology at University of Reddit

You may also have your own favorites – share them with us or add a comment below!

As you work to improve your workplace and entrepreneurial profiles, you can find many free online training options on our blog!


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