viNGN participates in 2016 University Bound Conference

univ-bound-materialsviNGN was part of a discussion on social networking and protecting your “Digital Footprint” as part of the 2016 University Bound Conference held at the UVI St. Thomas campus on Saturday. Various members of the community came forward to discuss various topics with the young adults in attendance including etiquette, time management, agriculture, violence in the community, and technology. With the presentation “You! 2 tha World!” we used real-life news items, research and tools from to demonstrate how teens and young adults can become victims of their own willingness to share too much via social media and other electronic means. This could lead to lost career, scholarship and social opportunities due to a “Digital Footprint” that casts them in a poor light. Or even worse, it could result in being placed in dangerous situations.

The video “6 degrees of information” provided various scenarios surrounding different personality types and how they may view their Internet activities, and possible consequences.  We then offered solutions and exercises for self-assessment and monitoring of how much is shared online in the future. While the workshop was geared to children, the adults present stated that they could benefit from this information as well.

University Bound (UB) (formerly Upward Bound) is a college prep program that extends a welcoming and informative environment to high school students in need who display high potential for success. Interested families may view more details including eligibility requirements at the web page:

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