viNGN delivers WordPress mini-course to St. Croix Landmarks Society

wordpress-logoOn Wednesday, we delivered a mini-course entitled “Getting Online with WordPress” at the St. Croix Landmarks Society Research Library & Archives!  Wordpress is now the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world. It is “Open Source” – developed by the tech community; it’s free, and WordPress allows just about anyone to create a web presence without coding or programming experience. 

Everyone enjoyed being a part of the training – so much so that according to our exit surveys, the group wanted even more. We will plan the course to include an optional breakout session as a “part 2” held consecutively in the future.

Event co-coordinator Naeemah Legair, who is the Communications Intern for St. Croix Landmarks Society, also enjoyed our brief presentation of the viNGN story, which began in 2010 and continues with the launch of the nation’s only fully interconnected, 100% fiber optic network serving a jurisdiction among all 56 U.S. states and territories: “The fiber optic network that we now have is truly something valuable that we must take advantage of!” she stated.

We were pleased to issue 10 certificates and share resources that will enable attendees to go further in creating their own web sites and blogs with WordPress!

St. Croix Landmarks Society Research Library & Archives is located at # 52 Estate Whim in Frederiksted St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. Call (340) 772-0598 for information on daily activities or email


2 responses to “viNGN delivers WordPress mini-course to St. Croix Landmarks Society

  1. Thank you again for hosting that session. We enjoyed the introduction to WordPress that you gave us, but we’ll definitely need a a combination of course instruction and hands-on learning. We could stand to benefit from a mini-course on how to carve out time/develop the discipline required to actually sit down and learn the nuts-and-bolts of the WordPress service on our own. We’re a small organization, and many of us shy away from technology in general. How would we begin to create a culture of learning among ourselves?


    • Much appreciation for your comments and questions! Technology adoption is new for many in our community. Our experience has been that even with the desire to accomplish a specific task, unless we can “see” ourselves at the end of a learning curve, it is difficult to stick through learning to do new things. There may even be a mental or emotional block, or a feeling that one has to be particularly intelligent, educated or resourceful. I feel that desire is the beginning, and the willingness to make mistakes, ask questions, and use the knowledge that already exists in documentation and people we know who are doing what we want, are what will actually get us to the finish line. People who taste success, no matter how seemingly minor, are more likely to know that success is possible from any angle, disadvantage or starting point. And so we must go forward, helping each other; those of us who know much, must keep striving for even more knowledge and going past our comfort zones, to #learnsomethingnew. Thank you so much for being a part of the bubbling up of our technological revolution. Hand in hand, we move forward together. And I’m not just saying that. I mean it from my heart. (responding as myself, Anita Davis)


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