NetSmartz uses social media to call attention to missing children with #RockOneSock challenge

Clicky the NetSmartz mascot says #RockOneSock!

Clicky the NetSmartz mascot says #RockOneSock and never forget our missing children and their families!

National Missing Children’s Day is May 25, 2016, and NetSmartz, a program of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (and a leader in providing Internet safety guidance for users of all ages), has launched the #RockOneSock challenge. The “Rock One Sock” challenge calls attention to the more than 460,000 reports of missing children in the US in 2015 and features spokesrobot Clicky.

Rock One Sock is a way of telling missing children and their families that they will never be forgotten, by using a symbol of support which just about everyone can relate to as a constant reminder of what is no longer there – a missing sock.
NetSmartz asks everyone to join their social media campaign, #RockOneSock. Wear one sock, take a “footsie” (a picture of your feet with one sock) and post it to social media using #RockOneSock. Tag friends to do the #RockOneSock challenge to spread the message!

Check out Clicky on Facebook (NetSmartzKids) and Twitter (@NetSmartz) and then take your own footsie inspired by Clicky.

For more details, visit

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