Photos: VI Bureau of Internal Revenue rolls out secure online excise tax payments with territory-wide seminars

The VI Bureau of Internal Revenue (VIBIR) and Raw Data, in partnership with First Bank and Evertec, have successfully implemented secure processing of online payments for excise tax returns in the territory! Seminars were hosted on St. John, St. Thomas and St. Croix. According to VIBIR Director Marvin L. Pickering, there is more yet to come. Pickering thanked his team and the public for its continuous input during the development of this new and exciting feature!

Following a walk-through demonstration, audience members were allowed to ask questions about the functionality of the new portal, and have them addressed by those involved in the development and implementation of the software controlling the new excise tax portal, which is online at

The site is now secured using SSL technology (Secure Sockets Layer), which ensures the encryption of financial, business and personal data as it is exchanged between the browser and the server. Encryption takes information and locks it into a special encoding, for which a key is needed to read (or translate) it. If your information is intercepted over the Internet by a hacker, it cannot be read without that key, making it safer to do business online.

As of May 20, 2016, online Clearance by Credit Card and Tax Exempt 721VIs are now available for Excise Tax payments.

Representing Raw Data were Julian De’Juan, President and Dale Gabbard, Senior Software/Sales Engineer. On behalf of the VI Bureau of Internal Revenue were team members Roosevelt Davis, Assistant Chief of Processing, Glen Hodge, Excise Tax Supervisor, and Jonathan Tucker, Deputy Director of Technology & Processing.

How will it work:

  • Any registered user of ExciseWeb will be able to complete the clearance process and pay online.
  • From within the ExciseWeb portal, a taxpayer will create & submit any 721 (Tax Returns) they
    would like to pay by credit card or that are considered non-taxable.
  • Once submitted, an Excise Tax Officer will review the 721 (Tax Return) and if there are no
    problems, they will APPROVE the return for clearance.
  • The taxpayer will then receive an alert in their ExciseWeb messaging center informing them that
    there are 721s ready for clearance.
  • The taxpayer will select the 721s they intend to finish the clearance process.
  • The taxpayer will be routed to the verified payment provider where they will be prompted for
    credit card information in order to finalize the clearance.

    • For tax exempt 721s, the clearance will complete the transaction.
      • Visa and MasterCard are acceptable cards
      • Receipts will be provided upon payment completion
      • No fee for your online payments!
      • Quick, easy and most importantly, SECURE

Photos courtesy of Jonathan Tucker, VIIRB Deputy Director of Technology & Processing

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