Why Coding Is Your Child’s Key to Unlocking the Future

YWCA USVI Scratch camp led by UVI Associate Prof. Dr. Marc Boumedine (photo courtesy of YWCA USVI)

YWCA USVI Scratch Camp led by UVI Assoc. Prof. of Computer Science Dr. Marc Boumedine (April 2016, photo courtesy of YWCA USVI)

( via Wall Street Journal) – As more and more schools adopt coding programs into their curricula, we are reminded of the importance of teaching children programming and coding. The obvious benefits are in the areas of earning ability and career development, but even more importantly, coding “trains the brain” to analyze real life processes and interactions, making for a more emotionally intelligent, well-rounded individual.

Both Mitchel Resnick of MIT (and a leader in the development of Scratch programming language) and Hadi Partovi, co-founder of (the home of the Computer Science Education Week activity the Hour of Code) both agree on the multiple benefits of coding for people of all ages, but children in particular. Their reasons include the fact that by 2020 there are projected to be some 1 million vacant programming jobs – and that’s a lot of opportunity! (read more)

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